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Is It Legal to Drill Your Own Well? Let Lance Industries, Inc Guide You

In the quest for self-sustainability, you may have wondered, "Is it legal to drill your own well?" The answer isn't as straightforward as a simple yes or no. It depends on varying regulations and codes that oversee well drilling in your area. However, given the complexity of the process and the strict regulations that govern it, it is highly advisable to partner with a trusted industry leader like Lance Industries, Inc.

According to the rules outlined by many health boards, no person should construct, alter, or seal a private water system, including a well, without a valid permit. This permit must be obtained through a detailed application process that considers the proposed construction, alteration, or sealing of a private water system.

This process includes the submission of a comprehensive site plan, detailing the location, design, construction, installation, and development of the private water system. Information about the proximity to roadways, buildings, sewage treatment systems, oil and gas wells, and other relevant features is required.

The board of health then determines if the plans are in compliance with the provisions of the chapter, ensuring that all isolation distances are met, and that the proposed construction, alteration, decommissioning, or sealing of a private water system is in compliance with the chapter. If the board of health determines that the proposed work does not comply with this chapter, the board of health will deny the application.

Given the extensive requirements and strict regulations, drilling your own well can be a complicated and daunting task. It's not just about the physical act of drilling; it's about understanding and adhering to local codes and regulations, ensuring the safety and quality of your water supply, and avoiding legal complications.

This is where Lance Industries, Inc comes in. We specialize in well drilling and service needs. With years of industry experience, our team understands the complexities and legalities involved in well drilling. We can guide you through the permit application process, ensure that all regulations are met, and provide high-quality, reliable well drilling services.

When considering the question, "Is it legal to drill your own well?" remember that the legalities are just one part of the equation. Safety, water quality, and the long-term reliability of your well are equally important. Let Lance Industries, Inc handle the complexities of well drilling, so you can enjoy the benefits of a private water system without the worry.

Don't leave things to chance or risk falling foul of the law. Contact Lance Industries, Inc today at (740) 243-6657, your trusted partner in well drilling. We're ready to help you navigate the complexities of well drilling safely and legally.


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